Cake Confusion

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Our reception venue makes wedding cakes starting at $3 per serving. While we haven't yet tried their cake (we'll hopefully do that at our tasting on Sunday during our WOW), we like to keep our options open... just in case it sucks.

So I found a few bakeries in the area that seemed within our price range. I emailed them, but only got one real response back.
"What is the date of your wedding and how many guests do you need to feed? Are you looking for a stacked 3 or 4 tier cake or something smaller? Pricing varies according to how large of a cake you need as well as how much artwork you would like on your cake. A rough estimate is $2.50-6.50 per slice for budget purposes."
Okay, so that sounds reasonable. I emailed them back with: June 25th, 200 guests, 3-tiered would be fine, supplemented with some sheet cake, not a lot of artwork.

Something like this...

OMG, isn't this cake gorgeous?

This was the response I received:
"You have time to plan. The best thing to do at this time is to look for pictures of wedding cakes that you like on the internet and send it to us. The pricing is not final unless it is 3 months from your wedding date. "

I was a little confused by their email, but Ryan and I are thinking what they mean is that we won't know the actual cost until 3 months before the wedding.

That just won't work for us.

What if, come next March, they inform us it's going to cost $1,200... when we could have had our reception venue make our cake and only paid $650?

The cake just isn't that big of a deal to us. Yes, we want it to taste good. Yes, we want it to look good. But we're not going to break our budget over this (or cause unwanted stress).


Anonymous said...

That stinks! I would def tell them that you are not going to wait three months before the ceremony to finalize a cake and you will take your business elsewhere. Wow! It is a pretty cake though.

Danielle said...

That is a VERY pretty cake! But, I agree with you.. a cake isn't something to break the bank over. I can't believe they would turn you away like that basically. I think we're going to start looking at cakes about 6 months before the wedding (we're lucky that his aunt makes AMAZING and DELISH cakes and is giving us a family discount!)

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