I've Got a Fever...

... And the only prescription is more shoes!

I started something dangerous. Here's how it went down:
  1. Kelly logs onto her bank account and admires how much money she's been saving.
  2. Kelly remembers that her bank has a rewards program. She figures her points must be way up there by now.
  3. Kelly investigates said rewards program and discovers she has enough points to buy a $50 gift card to Zappos.
  4. Kelly thinks, Hmm... why pay actual money to buy wedding shoes when I could get them for practically free!
  5. Kelly starts searching for shoes on Zappos that might fit her criteria: flat, cute, comfortable, bright pink or navy blue, and size 11 (yes, I have giant man feet).
  6. This search quickly balloons into a wide-spread "scour the internet for shoes" event.
It's really hard to find shoes that fit all of the criteria. I suppose I'm going to have to just go shopping in a real store like a real girl.


In the meantime, please enjoy these two pairs I did find (hurray!)...

Me Too Lilyana in Navy Suede $89 - These are the first ones that caught my eye. I found them on Zappos, which means I could use my gift card and they would only be $39. They have great reviews, come in my size, and look super comfy. Problem: they are really dark. At least in this photo. They are verging on the color black. I don't want people to think I wore black shoes on my wedding day.

Tory Burch Reva in Pink Suede $143 - These are the exact color of pink I would go with if I decided to go with pink shoes. But holy cow are they expensive! And I'm not sure they come in my size.

I wish I was a little bit shorter, and Ryan was a little bit taller so I could wear adorable shoes like these...


Or these...


And have photos like these...


And these...


Oh well. A girl can dream.

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