Our House is Aglow

Our dachshund, Maggie, started barking. That can only mean one thing... a visitor!

Not just any visitor, but one bearing gifts... the UPS man!

He dropped off a mysterious box.

Ryan ripped it open, and we were met with six E-Wall Wash lights from Mrs. Seashell!

Yay! ::clapping::

We were shocked at how tiny they were. I think we had both expected something maybe 12-18 inches long, but these are only about the size of my hand!

We immediately pulled them out of their boxes and started testing them all around our house.

On the stairs...

In the living room...

And, of course, I tried all six at once in the bedroom...

They work great! They will make an excellent addition to our reception. I think we're going to take a cue from this couple and use all six lights in the dance floor area. There really isn't much else to distinguish that as the dance floor (besides the lack of tables), so I think this will be the perfect touch.

The only change we need to make now is the color. We're going to go with pink instead of the yellow gels that are currently taped to the lights.

Good thing I work at a TV station! I brought one of the lights to work last night to test it out with a pink gel.

One word: fabulous.


Danielle said...

Are you planning on selling these after your wedding? I've been looking at buying some!

Danielle said...

YAY! My wedding isn't until November 2011, so I'll definitely send you an e-mail in July about them! =) Thanks!

Leana said...

Those are awesome!

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