DIY Uplighting

I've always been just a little sad that we didn't work lighting into our budget. Our reception venue has all white walls, and I really feel uplighting would help tie in our color scheme.

But that just didn't seem like the smartest idea when you consider we are projected to be $19,000 over our original budget (yes, for serious).

Enter the battery-operated LED Superbright Acolyte E-Wall Wash:

For $61 each, plus a few colored gels, you can create your own uplighting without the hassle of obnoxious cables.

I originally saw the idea on Weddingbee... where else? Here is a photo of what Mrs. Seashell did in her living room with only 6 lights and some yellow gels:

Fabulous, right? We could buy 9 brand new lights for under $600, and based on the excited chatter on that Weddingbee post, I think we'd have no problem selling them to another eager couple for at least half that.

It may be an added expense to our bloated wedding budget, but it's definitely something we're considering. If we could get them for an even better deal, then it would really be worth it.

So I did what any internet-savy girl would do... I cyber-stalked Mrs. Seashell, found her email address, and asked if she was willing to sell her used lights at a discounted price.

Answer: Yes.

Excellent. Now I just need to get Ryan on board.


Anonymous said...

You better check with the Mansion and see if they allow it. there might be insurance issues.


Anonymous said...

OMG! How awesome!

Danielle said...

I saw this post, too! I convinced my fiance to do this at our wedding and use blue gels! AHH! I can't wait!

Ms. Lemon Puppy said...

Did you end up purchasing these because I would love to buy them from you after the wedding! Such an excellent idea.

Jannah Delfin said...

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