Gifts for Aunts

My mom has three sisters, and all of them were involved some way or another in the planning and execution of my bridal shower.

So to show my appreciation, I gave them each a gift... a box of truffles and a stack of personalized correspondence cards.

The truffles came from a local chocolate company, and the cards were Goccoed by yours truly.

The Gocco-ing may or may not have been so I could practice for our upcoming invitations. And I was excited to put to use one of the other inks that came with it.

It's a vintage typewriter, and their names in typewriter fonts, then tied with bakers twine. I presented them to my aunts at the end of the shower, after everyone had left.

Thanks, aunts!


Kamie said...

Great gifts! How sweet!

Linnie-Me said...

sweet gifts! the cards are super cute!

Anonymous said...

SOOOO cute. You are becoming quite the Gocco queen! :-)

also, thanks for commenting on my post. Technically I've lost 2 dress sizes, if you go by the numbers, but really it's more like one. I was barely at a size 8 (as in a 6 was too tight, but a 8 was pretty loose) when I first started and now a 4 fits well. For my height and frame, size 2/4 is a healthy size.

You definitely need to treat yourself to a shopping spree in celebration of your 20lbs lost!!!

Saying I do said...

those cards are great!

Alesia said...

As one of the aunts I can say that the cards were very sweet indeed. We all really appreciated them. Thanks, Kel!

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