Your Days are Numbered

Sorry for the minor absence. I'm sick... for the third time since Thanksgiving. Ugh.

Now back to business. Our reception venue has their own table numbers.

You can see one of them in this photo I took from our tasting...

Here's another one...

So basically, they're just fine. And if our budget suddenly reaches its peak or we decide we need to spend an extra $1000 on menus or something like that... then these would work just fine.

But... honestly? They're not my style.

(I'm being nice.)

First of all, they're gold. And we don't have an ounce of gold in our wedding colors. (Reminder: Navy blue, pink, and silver/gray.) Yes, I realize they match the china. And if I could change that too, I would! But I can't. So I'm picking on something else.

Second of all, they're way too big! I want table number to be numbers... not centerpieces!

In conclusion: If I can at all help it, I will be creating my own. What bride-to-be doesn't like adding just one more thing to the "To Do" list, eh??

So here are some table number inspiration I have found...

Numbering the Vino - If you already plan on having wine bottles on your table, this may be the perfect space-saving solution. Unfortunately for us, that's just not the case. But it's a great idea nonetheless.

You and Your Better Half - You could take photos of you and your fiance and Photoshop in the numbers (or carry around a mini chalkboard with you). To mix things up, you could take photos in some of your favorite locations around town... or perhaps you and your fiance could try to form the number using only your arms and legs (that would take some serious bendy talent!).

Dressing it up with Ribbon - These numbers are pretty standard, but I love how much better it looks on the left with the ribbon. It would be a cheap and easy DIY to tie some color-scheme-matching ribbon to each of the stands.

Meaningful Titles - This is becoming increasingly popular... using names or titles or places instead of numbers. I'm not sure if our venue would be okay with this, but it's definitely something I will have to find out. You could even include a small snippit on the back about what that particular location means to you as a couple.

My Dog is a Star - If you're like us and don't plan on including Fido in the festivities, you could pay some serious homage by using him or her on all the table numbers. It might even get guests to get up and mingle some just so they can check out your adorable fur baby.

Au Naturel - Wooden table numbers are easy, clean, and can be as big or little as you'd like. Plus, I imagine they'd be easy to sell to another bride-to-be after the big day is over.

Ikea, My Love - So we meet again. And what future bride hasn't seen these adorable (and wallet-friendly!) table numbers from the one and only, IKEA? The great thing about these frames is they are double-sided. You could put the table number on one side, and the menu on the other! If they came in silver, I would be all over that.

I've got a lot of thinking to do over a ridiculously small detail. But it's just one more opportunity for Ryan and I's personalities to shine through on our wedding day.

I'll take it!

What kind of table numbers will you have?


Anonymous said...

Can you believe I haven't seen those IKEA frames before? Go figure, they're perfect!

You could easily spray paint those frames silver, actually. If I get them I might spray paint them a nice jade or purple...hmmmm...want to plan an IKEA trip, IKEA bride? :D

Leana said...

Definitely leaning towards those same IKEA frames as well!!

Mrs Gator said...

Awe thanks for featuring our table numbers! (I'm Mrs Dolphin over on the Bee) Everyone loved those IKEA Tolsby frames and they were SUPER easy to sell after the wedding. I sold them for the same price I bought them for since they are so popular and not every Bride lives near an IKEA.

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