Slap a Bow on Me and Call Me Thrifty

Welcome to my newest follower, Miss D!

I bought the most adorable bracelet today. But I'm not sure if I should show it to you... because you'll for sure be jealous.

But what's a blog post without pictures?! So here you go...

Perfect, right? It is so not "me"... but when I saw it, I just had to have it. And for $27? Um... yes, please!

I got it from RueLaLa (one of those sites that carries designer items, steeply discounted, in limited quantity and for a limited time). You should all go check it out cause they're currently having a big wedding sale with jewelry, tiaras, invitations, and more! You can't see their website unless you join, but you can join by going here.

This is the first thing I've purchased from them, and I'm super excited about getting it half off! I think it will go great with the bling on my dress and my hair combs.

I'm practically done with all my accessories now. (Bracelet? Check. Necklace? Check. Hair combs? Check. Shoes? Check.) I think all I have left to worry about is earrings... and I haven't decided yet what exactly I want, so that will probably have to wait for a couple months.

PS: I promise I will start writing more. I've got a few posts lined up already, plus I'm going bridesmaid dress shopping this weekend!


Danielle said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! I really wanted a jcrew bracelet, but it's no longer on their website and it was pretty expensive. But, I love your bracelet, it's so cute! I'm a big fan of bows.

Anonymous said...

Cute cute!!! All of my jewelry are borrowed items from relatives, so I don't really get to have the fun shopping for access. (unless you count SHOES!!!). :-)

Anonymous said...

It is very cute!

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