We Have a Pastor!

It sounds like a "duh", but we weren't sure for a little while there. I emailed and emailed the wedding coordinator at our church for more information, but never heard back.

We had no idea who would be performing the ceremony, when we could complete the marriage workshop, if we could do counseling at our church here in Indiana, or many other un-answered questions.

My home church.

And then out of blue, I had a voicemail from a pastor. He said he would be performing our ceremony and would like to speak with us some time in the next few days. The conversation would be a good 45 minutes to an hour.

So Ryan and I waited until an appropriate non-dinner hour, brought our computer close by, pulled up important information and email correspondence, and prepared to call the pastor.

We were a little nervous... unsure of the type of phone conversation we might have that would last for a whopping hour. Is he going to ask deep questions about our faith or relationship? Is he going to go into extensive detail about our ceremony (for which we haven't given any thought)?

I pressed the "send" key, and put my phone on speaker.

And all he did was set a date to meet in person. All that preperation for nothing.

When he said in his voicemail that he wanted to speak with us, I had assumed that he knew we lived out-of-state. Apparently not. So now one more thing has been added (shoved into) the WOW weekend.

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