Only 2 Days

I dreamed last night that we had only 2 days until our wedding.

I talked to my mom, super stressed about all the things we still had to get done, and said, "are you absolutely sure it's in 2 days? Because I keep dreaming it's only 2 days away, then I wake up and find out it's actually like 9 months away."

She responded, "nope, this is really it."


But you know what is in 2 days? Someone else's wedding. Ryan's cousin to be exact. We will be traveling to New York state for the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and brunch. Phew!

I'm excited to experience another wedding now that we're in the midst of planning our own. It brings a completely different perspective to things.

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the trip and especially the wedding. Loved the Lanterns


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