Picking Up the Dress

First thing Saturday morning, my mom, Ryan's mom, and I headed to the dress shop. I had received a phone call that my dress and veil were in and ready to be picked up at our convenience.

::cue my happy dance::

This may have been the part of the weekend that I was looking forward to most.

When we arrived at the dress shop, there were a ton of people there! There were two other brides dress shopping with their families (one girl brought 12 people with her!), so it was a bit crowded in the tiny shop.

Good thing we weren't planning on staying long.

The sales ladies put me in a storage-closet-now-dressing-room and laced me into my dress.

When I came out, everyone "ooo"ed and "ahh"ed... even the other brides' families. That was nice of them.

The families said it was the perfect dress for me. The sales lady said I had chosen the perfect veil to go with it. And she told me it was a near-perfect fit. (hurray!)

A tiny sneak preview

The moment it sunk in that it was my dress, I started to become paranoid. Oh no... what if it drags on the floor and gets dirty? What is this little thread hanging down here? What if I knock some of the beads off? But I mentally slapped myself and got over it.

I won't be one of those brides who freaks out about every little thing. I know that my dress will get dirty eventually, and I know that it's hand-beaded... so it's not going to be perfect. But that's what makes it great.

Flash forward 8 hours, and unbeknownst to my family and fiance, I was prancing around my childhood bedroom in my dress and veil (the dress completely un-laced because I put it on myself). It was totally surreal to admire myself in the same mirror I had admired myself in before I went to prom... before my first date... before all those first days of school.

Kind of a big deal.


Anonymous said...

How sweet is that.


Alesia said...

Kind of a big deal, indeed! I love this photo of your Kelly. You look so happy and beautiful! Thanks for sharing you WOW with us.

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