The Last Feast

(Update on Photos: We still haven't seen a single professional photo. When I called our photographer at week 5 1/2, he said that he changed his workflow a few months back, and now it takes 7-8 weeks. This upcoming Saturday will mark 8 weeks since the wedding, and if we don't see something by then, I'm unsure how to proceed. I don't want to pester him, but I'm reeeeally anxious to see photos. It's getting to the point where they don't even seem real to me anymore... and Ryan has completely stopped caring. That's sad.)

After our rehearsal ended, we were all starving and ready for some dinner. Our large crew headed over to the Distinctive Cork, which was right across the street from my church. One funny thing I recall from that night is standing around the church lobby as everyone filtered out, and realizing I was all alone. I looked around for Ryan, but didn't see him, so I headed to my car and gave him a call.

Kelly: "Hi."
Ryan: "Hi."
Kelly: "Uhh... where are you?"
Ryan: "On my way to dinner with my parents."
Kelly: "Oh."
Ryan: "Where are you?"
Kelly: "At the church, waiting for you."

Woops. Silly me... I had assumed that my soon-to-be husband would want to drive with me to the rehearsal dinner so we could enter together. Instead, I ended up showing up behind everyone else, alone and lugging a ton of gifts, like a total weirdo.

Shame on you, Ryan.

When I arrived, the party was already in full swing. We had the entire restaurant to ourselves, and our guests were enjoying the open bar and hors d'oeuvres.

Ryan and I found a little time to chat with family and friends...

Sadly, I have no photos of the food (my photography skills were off duty wedding weekend), but it was delicious. Hors d'oeuvres were gourmet chicken and beef sliders.

Our bridal party had our own table, which was pushed off to the side a bit. It was nice having a chance to catch up with everyone that just got into town that day.

The main course was a choice of Pork Chop, Salmon, or Asparagus Risotto.

The kids got some sort of pasta (which looked delicious)...

After dinner was over, I wanted to make sure I passed out gifts before our guests started to leave. So I stood up, gave a general "thank you" to the crowd, and handed out our gifts to the bridal party and our parents. My parents received a digital picture frame, and Ryan's parents received a gift card to a restaurant back in Philly. Apparently I was too late with the gift-giving, because my brother and his girlfriend had snuck out at some point.

After the gifts were given, Ryan's mom gave a lovely toast. I wish someone had thought to videotape it, because it made both Ryan and I tear up a little. I'm very lucky to be joining such a wonderful family.

After all that, I went to grab some dessert, but it was mostly gone. Ryan's mom had ordered some mini-desserts, but the restaurant staff put them on display before any of our guests got there. So when people arrived, they scarfed the desserts while they waited for real food. Along with that, there were only enough desserts for two per person... but I saw people walking around with over 5 on their plates. Isn't it funny the little things that stick in your mind and irritate you?

Overall, everyone had a great time. Ryan's family did a wonderful job putting on such a spectacular dinner from 3 states away. There were rave reviews about the food and location.

Next up... Hopefully I get some professional photos so I can start the wedding recaps!


Lane R said...

I hope your pro photos come soon than ours! We are at 4.5 months and i just heard from my mom that she got them in the mail and is bringing the dvd to my house tomorrow! FINALLY!!

CeCe said...

I'm super excited for your photos too!! Dying to see the mansion. Your rehearsal dinner sounds amazing. Was this restaurant in Indiana?

Saying I do said...

sorry you still haven't gotten your photos, i hope you get them soon! This sounds like a really great rehearsal dinner!

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