Fitness Friday: WW Week 4

I've officially been a Weight Watcher member for a month now. I had my meeting yesterday, and prepared for a pretty meager weight loss (we did a lot of eating and drinking on Saturday). I was bracing myself, and just hoping I had lost at least 1 pound.

Then the number came up on the scale... 161.0

I had lost 3.2 pounds! That's my second biggest week ever!

I'm so thrilled with my progress. I have officially lost 10 pound total, and passed my 5% weight loss mark.

I'm in total disbelief at how well this program is going. I'm not hungry (well... no more than usual at least), I don't feel deprived of my favorite foods (pasta, cookies, ice cream? sure!), and the weight is just melting off. I can't even imagine how much better it will be once I start half marathon training in March.

I have 21 pounds left to my goal weight (140). That's about 1 pound per week... which is totally doable if I try hard.

I need to take my one-month photos, but I need Ryan around to take them... so it'll have to wait until Saturday. I'll post them later.

Bring it on, weight! I'm getting ready for bathing suit season!


Brandi said...

10 pounds total - that's awesome! So glad WW is working so well for you! Can't wait to see the progress photos!

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAA Congrats!!!! You should be so proud! Keep up the good work!

jacin {lovely little details} said...


Manda Mack said...

WW IS LIKE MAGIC! The weight just fell off me too when I joined. I'm actually having more trouble in maintenance (as in, stopping losing weight) then I had while losing!

Anonymous said...


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