A Year in Review

I work in the TV news business.

The week between Christmas and New Years is filled with "year in review" packages during the news.

"Local Education in 2010"
"2010 Scandals"
"Local Politics in 2010"
"Best Sports Plays of 2010"
"2010 in Health"

... and the list goes on.

So this will be my own little piece of 2010.

I call it: "Kelly's Life in 2010".


Ryan and I spent our first New Year's Eve together since we met.

In celebration of Ryan's 24th birthday, I surprised him with a trip to Cleveland exactly 2 years after we met there.

At the Applebee's where we had our first date.


Three of my roommates from college came to visit. They met Ryan for the first time, then the girls went out clubbing like old times.


Ryan proposed!

Along with our friends and our dogs, we walked around the 2-mile Indianapolis Speedway track in the pouring rain.

It was for charity!


Ryan, Maggie, and I moved into our new place.

I successfully ran my first half marathon.


I turned 25 years old. Mass amounts of flip cup ensued.


I found the dress and immediately purchased it.


I ran my first olympic-distance triathlon (and almost died in the 90 degree heat).


Ryan and I took a much needed vacation to Florida.


We attended our first wedding as an engaged couple.


Ryan and I spent our first Thanksgiving together in Philadelphia with his family.


We spent our first Christmas together in Illinois with my family.

As for tonight? We're being totally lame and staying in.

But for good reason!

I have to work until 10:30pm, and Ryan is sick. So no going out for us. It will probably be nachos, beer, and a movie to ring in the new year.

What are your plans for tonight? Hopefully more exciting than mine!

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Leana said...

Great year in review!! FH had to work the night shift so I went out for an early dinner with the family, then played wii bowling with my brother up until midnight. Living wild!! :)

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