A Little Hanky Panky

I want to take a moment and say right now that I hate the word "hanky". But it's just so much more rhyme-y and easy to type than "handkerchief". Sigh.

Okay. Now that we have all that out of the way...

My Tears of Joy hankies arrived!

I bought 10 handkerchiefs a couple weeks ago, and then bought 10 more from a different seller earlier this week. Despite the drastic time difference, both packages arrived yesterday afternoon. Reason being that one package came from Philadelphia, and the other came all the way from Hong Kong!

Toa chie! (That's "thank you" in Chinese.)

Here are a few of my favorites...

Now for the downside.

Despite the one from China being advertised as "vintage handkerchiefs" in the title, when you delve into the item description, it states "vintage style floral print"... which essentially means they are reproductions.

I didn't notice this until they arrived in the mail and I wondered why on earth they were so stiff.

On the plus side, at least I know they are clean and free of rips and tears. But now I'm questioning if there is a way I can soften them up some. Perhaps washing them with a lot of fabric softener?

Does anyone have any ideas?


Anonymous said...

Wash them a couple of times and then iron them. OMG I said the word you hate, IRON.


Leana said...

I definitely agree with MOB. Give them a wash and hopefully that will help to soften them up!

They definitely are pretty though!


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