Cards of the Escort Variety

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I have something to admit.

I had never heard of an escort card before I got engaged. I just thought any card that had your name on it was a place card. Same diff, right?


Different diff.

See, a place card is a card that holds your seat. It basically says, "This is where Kelly sits!". In contrast, an escort card is a card that tells you what table you sit at. Like, "Go sit at Table 7, and bring me with you!"

Woah. My mind just blew up.

So I began to wonder... if you have escort cards, does that mean you don't have assigned seats?

Ryan and I have a problem with that. The last wedding we went to, there were assigned tables, but no assigned seats. It was fine for the two of us... but one of Ryan's cousins ended up sitting at the very end of the table, next to some people she didn't know... which was mildly awkward.

In a nutshell... assigned seats are pretty much a "must" for us.

So here are our options (along with some great inspiration photos compiled by yours truly)...

1. Seating Chart + Place Cards

2. Escort Cards + Place Cards

3. Escort Cards + Personalized Menus

4. Seating Chart + Personalized Menus

Well, option #2 seems repetitive. Who wants two cards sitting above their plate?

Besides that, how adorable are those escort cards in #3? The back of each card has a photo of the bride or groom with the guest. So cute!

I'm leaning towards options #1 and #3. I need to discuss it with Ryan. Although... he'll probably think I'm crazy for giving something like this so much thought.

But that's not unusual for us.


Leana said...

I had no idea about escort cards vs. place cards. I totally thought they were the same thing! Hmm, but I really like the personalized menu thing. What a brilliant idea!

Miss JD said...

I love personalized menus... i think we are actually personalizing the place setting. I got the idea from Martha Stewart...we are doing clear glass plates with large personalized doilies underneath.

Ryan said...

i don't think you're crazy...i actually think the task is a) important and b) kind of fun. Time to get creative...

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