Vacation Lessons

Apologies for the extended absence. The boy and I were on vacation in sunny warm Florida. I pinky swear it won't happen again (seriously... no more trips until our honeymoon!).

I thought now would be an appropriate time to cover all the handy things I learned on vacation that I can apply toward the perfect honeymoon experience.

1) Bring your camera everywhere. You never know when that rainy evening will turn into a gorgeous sunset.

2) Forget about your diet. As much as you might try, it's pretty impossible to keep on track with your diet while on vacation. But that's okay... it's one week, and you don't want to be stressing about it the entire time.

Eating a giant ice cream.

3) Pack plenty of books. There's surely nothing better than enjoying a good book or solving a challenging crossword puzzle as you lay by the ocean.

4) Bring your competitive side. Friendly competition is fun. Ryan loves when he can beat me at something (let me tell you... it doesn't happen often).

Losing at mini golf.

5) Pack plenty of sunscreen. We didn't check any bags for this trip, so all our sunscreen came in tiny 3 oz. bottles. Apparently 6 ounces of sunscreen won't last an entire week.

Getting sunburnt on the beach.

6) Prepare for something to go wrong. On the way home, our plane was deemed broken. They ushered us back off the plane to wait at the gate a little longer. Then we had to take a second plane home. It set us back over an hour, and foiled our plans to pick up our dog from the kennel that night.

Broken right engine.

Yes. Perhaps that was just an excuse to show off some vacations photos.

Our short trip to the Gulf of Mexico made me really excited for our long trip to the Gulf of Mexico in 2011. Honeymoon, here we come!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good time. Looks like the rain wasn't an issue.

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