Floral Consultation

Let me start by saying that I'm much more excited about our flowers now that I've had an actual discussion with a florist.

We haven't officially signed the contract yet, but I'm sure we will. I knew I liked this company before I spoke with them. But talking to the owner on the phone last night just solidified what I already felt.

So here is what she came up with (complete with photos of similar arrangements)...

Bridal Bouquet: Mostly pink flowers with white accents. Dinner plate size. Handle wrapped in navy satin with pearl detail. Ranunculus, peonies, roses and spray roses, and silver foliage accents around the rim.

Groom's Boutonniere: Double pink ranunculus with silver wire accent.

Alterpieces: Tall, showy rectangular vase with hydrangeas, peonies, silvery culry willow branches, dark blud delphinium, pink stock, pink snapdragons, and roses with minimal silver foliage accents. Navy band of ribbon around the rim.

(This was the closest thing I could find.)

Centerpiece #1: Square vase with mostly pink flowers and some white. Silver foliage accents with navy ribbon around the vase. Flowers include roses, spray roses, peonies, ranunculus, asiatic/oriental lilies, stock hydrangea, and silver sage/dusy miller.

Centerpiece #2: Trio of rectangular vases. Mostly pink flowers with navy ribbon around the vases. Flowers to include hydrangea, lilies, roses, possibly peonies, and stock.

Ryan's thoughts on flowers? Meh.

I said, "Are you okay with a pink ranunculus boutonniere?"

He said, "I don't know what that is."

Well, I guess that answers that. But I'm perfectly happy dealing with the flowers myself. As long as he doesn't think they're ugly, we'll be fine.

The estimated total of all that (plus more) comes out to $2,200. So pretty, but sooo expensive!

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Anonymous said...

I like these pictures. Sounds like the one to go with.


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