Vacation vs Honeymoon

Before we were engaged, Ryan and I had big plans to go to Disneyworld this fall.

I haven't been in 8 years, and Ryan has never been (gasp! the horror!). We have a pretty hefty savings, and have nothing but freedom, so we figured now was as good a time as any.

Until we got engaged.

Then the idea of spending all our money on one vacation seemed stupid. After all, we have a honeymoon to save for.

Which brought up some questions about the difference between a regular vacation and a honeymoon. Is it the amount of money you spend? The places you go? The amount of fun you have?

In my mind, it's all of the above. So instead of spending $2000 at Disney, we'll be spending $900 on a 4-night mini-cation to Clearwater Beach, Florida, so we can save the big trip for next year.

Where will we go on our honeymoon? The verdict is still out. We have considered a cruise (come on... it's just sooo much easier!), but haven't discussed it further than that.

But it will definitely be some place warm and some place exotic. I would also like to go some place that neither of us have been before.

I'm excited to have a mini-cation to look forward to... but I'm even more excited that the next vacation we take after that will be our first as husband and wife.

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